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Clean Air Agency staff have extensive expertise in all aspects of air quality science and policy, including the Tacoma-Pierce County nonattainment area.

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December 2011

TNT Corrections for Dec. 10 story and Dec. 18 editorial

Guest commentary: We are concerned about our air, and we are in this together

Editorial: Way too much crackdown for a few days of bad air

Toxic smoke from wood burning stoves is one of the worst sources of pollution in South Seattle and Tacoma

Where there's smoke, there's sickness

Tacoma-Pierce County group looks to toughen burn-ban regulations, crack down on violators

November 2011

Gov't Gets More Aggressive To Curtail Wood Stove Smoke

Wood smoke pollution in Pierce County

Don't get burned buying that load of firewood

May 2011

Wood stove program beefed up -- Clean Air Task force on its way

Editorial: South Sound faces a reckoning over wood-burning

April 2011

Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia No. 18 on pollution scale

American Lung Association report underscores need to increase regional efforts to clear the air and protect public health

Guest commentary: It won't save money if we let dirty environment harm our families' health

March 2011

Wood stove smoke in Tacoma area has more health risks, study says

The Conversation:  Superintendent Fired, Smokey Tacoma

Wood stoves big Tacoma polluter

Tacoma's Wood Smoke Problem

There's a new study that shows we have some of the worst air quality in the country. [Pierce County News (PCTV, Channel 22)]

Alternate format

Study: Wood Smoke a Leading Health Concern in Tacoma

Save Big on Home Heating Upgrades 

Pierce County ranks 25th in health survey of state

February 2011

Air Pollutants from Fireplaces and Wood-Burning Stoves Raise Health Concerns

Wood-burning stoves 'can be as deadly as exhaust fumes' by producing smoke that can cause heart disease

Wood-burning fires: cozy, unhealthy

January 2011

Local governments struggle with air quality dilemma

The Love Affair With the Fireplace Cools

HEPA Filter May Improve Air Near Wood-Burning Stoves

CDC: Asthma rate in US up a little to 8.2 pct

December 2010

Clean Air Agency Urging Homeowners To Axe Old Wood Stoves

November 2010

EcoConsumer:  Avoiding the hazards of wood burning

October 2010

Got a pollution-belching wood stove? Local agencies might help you buy a replacement

Wood Smoke Reduction Program on PCTV Windows Media version

Local agencies help Tacoma-Pierce County residents clear the air and keep warm

Study: 'Safe' Levels of Soot Linked to Diabetes

August 2010

Your Health: Air pollution affects brain, heart, blood vessels

July 2010

Urban air pollutants may damage IQs before baby's first breath, scientists say

Agencies tackle poor air quality

May 2010

American Heart Association Scientific Statement: Evidence Growing of Air Pollution's Link to Heart Disease, Death