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General Resources

U.S. Clean Air Act

Understanding the Clean Air Act (U.S. EPA)

Particulate Matter Nonattainment Areas (U.S. EPA)

Washington State Clean Air Act

Nonattainment areas in Washington State (Washington Department of Ecology)

General Glossary of Terms

Pierce County and Nonattainment Area Population Information

Fact Sheets

Understanding Pierce County's Air Quality Challenge

What is Fine Particle Pollution?

Air Quality Nonattainment: What is it?

Where is the nonattainment area?

Pierce County and Washington Health Data

Fast Facts on Particulate Matter (U.S. EPA)

Particle Pollution and Your Health (U.S. EPA)

Heart Disease, Stroke and Outdoor Air Pollution (U.S. EPA)


Tacoma-Pierce County Nonattainment Area (pdf)

Nonattainment Area Demographic Maps (pdf)

Technical Reports

Approval of Nonattainment Area Designation and Boundary (U.S. EPA)

Fine Particulate Matter Nonattainment Area Recommendation for the Tacoma Area (Puget Sound Clean Air Agency)

Sources of Fine Particles in the Wapato Hills-Puyallup River Valley PM2.5 Nonattainment area (Washington Department of Ecology)

Health Effects and Economic Impacts of Fine Particle Pollution in Washington (Washington Department of Ecology)

Overview of Health Studies on Fine Particle Pollution

Task Force

Tacoma-Pierce County Clean Air Task Force Final Report & Recommendations

Tacoma-Pierce County Clean Air Task Force Final Report & Recommendations - Executive Summary

Tacoma-Pierce County Clean Air Task Force - Recommendations Overview

Media coverage

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