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Pierce County has an
air pollution problem

In 2009, most of Pierce County was designated a "nonattainment area" for fine particle pollution (soot). This means that fine particle pollution levels too frequently exceeded the national limit, posing public health risks.

Solving the problem takes the whole community. Check in with us often to learn more – and participate. With your help, we'll enjoy clean, healthy air together.

Logo: AirSafe Pierce County.  Click to jump to the website.

Work Here Produces Dynamic Outreach Program

The culmination of the all of the work shown on this website has been developed into a comprehensive public outreach campaign and launched across Pierce County. More»

Clean Air Task Force Releases Recommendations

Fine particles are tiny pieces of pollution. When inhaled, these tiny particles travel deeply into your lungs and even into your bloodstream where they can trigger health problems. More»

Public Input

The Clean Air Task Force received feedback from over 600 people on their draft pollution-reducing strategies. More»

What's the problem?

Simply put, ‘nonattainment' means that air quality in Tacoma and most of Pierce County does not meet (or attain) federal health standards. More»



In the wintertime, you may be breathing unhealthy levels of fine particle pollution. Do your part to help clear the air: